is a creative agency of makers. We add value to brands and people.

We work for brands
A brand – in our eyes – is an identity with a clear story, a defined audience, that wants to make an impact.
It can be a festival, a city (public space), a company or an NGO. Some of the brands we are proud of to work with are North Sea Jazz festival, IKEA, Natuurmonumenten, Hilversum city Marketing, Douwe Egberts, 3FM, Le Guess Who? festival, SPAR, and Into The Great Wide Open festival. Together we create experiences that last and resonate on a personal level.

We are makers
We work on the level where marketing and spatial design meet. We create spaces with a clear function and a powerful identity. We use design to make your brand’s story visible, sensible and experienceable. Most likely we build something for you: an exhibition stand, a festival area, an interactive object, an activation, or even a complete event.

It all starts with people
In everything we do, we focus on the visitor, the user, the customer. Our aim is to make people part of your brand’s story. That can be a specific festival vibe, your city’s ambitions, or a ‘smart home’ experience. We leave nothing to chance, unless that’s the concept.

We are Triomf
We ask questions, so we can add value. We work together, as a team we can synergize. We’re dedicated, to the content, the story and the people. We keep looking for possibilities. We aim for quality in everything we do, communication, design and production. We are pragmatic and truly curious.

Don’t be shy, we’d love to hear your story.

Locomotiefstraat 8
3534 BK Utrecht
The Netherlands

Triomf - jasper willemse triomf

Jasper Willemse
managing partner

Triomf - rinke wils triomf

Rinke Wils
creative partner

Triomf - Thijs de Boer triomf

Thijs de Boer
creative partner

Triomf - joop angenent triomf

Joop Angenent
booking & managing partner

Triomf - rogier van liempt triomf

Rogier van Liempt
project manager & producer

Triomf - Lana Krijgsman Triomf

Lana Krijgsman
project manager & producer

Triomf - David Hünneman triomf

David Hünneman
creative engineer

Triomf - tom lagendijk triomf

Tom Lagendijk
3D designer

Triomf - employee image

Anne Marijn Meyer

Triomf - Bart van der Sprong triomf

Bart van der Sprong

Triomf - robert blom triomf

Robert Blom

Triomf - Frank Ponten triomf

Frank Ponten